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The General Journal is our very popular e-magazine exclusively for accountants in public practice. It is full of practice management tips, marketing ideas and provides an insight into the latest trends and software tools available to the profession.

You will find interesting content about starting, growing, buying or selling a practice and we also explore the latest financial incentives available to accountants to boost your bottom line.

The General Journal is published several times a year and currently more than 3000 firms in Australia subscribe. If you want to subscribe to the General Journal click on the link in the bottom right hand corner of this page.

In The July 2020 Edition...

You can download a full copy of our July 2020 edition of The General Journal by clicking here or you can browse the articles below by clicking on the heading.

The Firm of the Future Just Arrived

What an incredible few months for the profession and their clients. You’ve been in the trenches helping your clients decipher and administer JobKeeper that has turned into War and Peace. We may have got a snapshot of the firm of the future with staff working remotely and virtual meetings replacing traditional face to face meetings. What do all these changes mean and will the heavy workload of the last few months push practitioners to list their firm for sale? Will burn out lead to sell out …
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What's Your Accounting Firm Worth?

Does the age of your client base really matter? What trends do buyers want to see? Are your staff, technology and website an important part of the valuation? While every firm is different, we examine 7 key criteria that might impact on the value of your accounting firm ...
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Want to Grow Your Firm?

COVID-19 has crippled some industries and some of your clients may not come out the other end of this crisis. Will you lose fees? Are you looking to cut your marketing or is it time to ramp up your marketing? For the first time in several years we have opened membership of the Accountants Accelerator Group and these firms are experiencing phenomenal growth …  
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Need a Newsletter that is On the Money?

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of regularly communicating with your clients. Newsletters are absolutely essential but don’t under estimate the importance of the content. Your clients want to know how to grow their business, their profits and their wealth. They want ideas on how to manage their cash flow and tips on tax planning. They don’t want do a Masters of Taxation by correspondence …
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Want to Generate More Revenue in Your Practice?

No doubt, you’ve had clients finance cars and equipment but they’ve leased the vehicle instead of using a chattel mortgage (or vice versa) so they didn’t maximise the potential tax benefits. There’s a service available that helps accountants and rewards them …
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In The May 2020 Edition...

You can download a full copy of our May 2020 edition of The General Journal by clicking here or you can browse the articles below by clicking on the heading.

The Accountants Guide to Dealing with a Pandemic

There’s no handbook that tells accountants how they should help their clients prepare or deal with a pandemic. While there’s no way to fortify a business against an unexpected natural disaster, right now your clients expect you to have all the answers! It’s been a whirlwind for accountants and some firms have been forced to change their modus operandi with staff working remotely and client meetings being conducting on zoom. The future of accounting might look very different …
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How Accountants Can Avoid a COVID-19 Plane Crash

One of my accountant clients described the last 2 months as a plane crash complete with fear, panic, spot fires and mass casualties. He said the advice he was giving clients was based on their degree of ‘injury’ or even survivability. Clients perceive you as their ‘financial pilot’ and it’s incredibly important that you have a clear flight plan to guide your clients to a safe landing on the other end of this incredibly turbulent journey… 
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Want to Grow Your Accounting Firm?

Unfortunately, some businesses won’t come out the other end of this pandemic. Not only that, we anticipate that lot of business owners will change accountants at the end of this crisis. As a result, most firms expect a decline in their 2020/21 fees so there’s never been a more important time to ramp up your marketing activities. If you’re looking to spend your time helping clients, not finding clients, then it’s time to consider joining the Accountants Accelerator Group …
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The Accountants Pandemic Package
  • On the Money Newsletter – customised with your firm details
  • A COVID-19 video regarding changes to face to face office meetings etc. – customised with your firm logo to place on your website
  • Game Plan Checklist customised with your firm details complete with links to grants and subsidies
  • Price $795

In The April 2020 Edition...

You can download a full copy of our April  2020 edition of The General Journal by clicking here or you can browse the articles below by clicking on the heading.

What's Your Covid19 Client Game Plan?

These are extraordinary times that require strong leadership. There’s no COVID-19 instruction manual for accountants to follow. While your clients don’t expect you to have all the answers, they do expect you to provide them with a clear game plan. Your clients will judge you on how you respond and what advice you provide… 
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Covid 19 - Proactive vs Reactive Accountants

It seems as though every decade accountants gets a massive marketing opportunity. They are pivotal moments and right now this pandemic is one of those key moments. Let’s examine how the proactive firms have responded to this crisis compared to reactive firms and what the likely outcome might be
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Can a Website Impact on Your Firm's Value?
If I knew that half a million dollars of new business was coming my way over the next 4 or 5 years thanks to the website, I would certainly be prepared to pay a premium price to buy that firm. Would you?  

Breaking News for Accounting Firms

In the digital age, every accounting firm needs a regular client newsletter. If you don’t have one, your clients are missing out and you are also ignoring a proven marketing tactic.
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In The JULY 2017 Edition...

You can download a full copy of our July edition of The General Journal by clicking here or you can browse the articles below by clicking on the heading.

Accountant Found Asleep at the Wheel

While GST may have disguised the need for accountants to market their services, a lot of accountants have fallen asleep at the marketing wheel. Their ageing client base has caught up with them, their referrals engines have seized up and they aren't attracting the next generation of clients. Here’s a wake up ...
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What's Your Accounting Firm Worth?

Every principal and partner wants to know, what’s their firm really worth? Unfortunately, there’s no simple equation because every firm is different. Having said that, there are a number of factors that influence the value of your firm including the breakdown of fees between businesses, individuals and SMSF's, your location, growth rate, age of your top clients and ...
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Breaking News for Accounting Firms

Every accounting firm needs a regular client newsletter. They are proven to build loyalty and while your newsletter won't directly lead to an engagement or 'sale', they often pave the way. Incredibly, most firms continue to give their clients an off the shelf tax newsletter. Here's the breaking news, your clients dont want to do a 'Masters of Taxation' by correspondence, they want to grow their business .
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Have you found your firm's Point of Difference?

The reality is, the accounting profession is a sea of sameness with very few firms standing out in the crowd. Having said that, high-growth firms have clear differentiators, so how do they do it? They understand that first impressions count.
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Case Study: SBG Accountants

Growth is the number one issue in the accounting profession but not for this Melbourne based firm. Their biggest challenge is managing the growth.
So, what are they doing to get this phenomenal compound growth and what marketing tools, techniques and tactics are they using?
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In The MARCH 2015 Edition...

You can download a full copy of our March edition of The General Journal by clicking here or you can browse the articles below by clicking on the heading.

How to 'Buy' Accounting Fees the Easy Way
If you’re looking to buy accounting fees in Victoria here’s something you probably don’t want to hear - take a ticket and join the long queue of buyers! The current demand for accounting fees in Victoria is at an all time high (we have more than 250 registered buyers) while supply remains low. The baby boomers are hanging on longer than anyone expected and as you know, when demand outstrips supply, prices rise. While buying fees can be a quick fix there’s an alternative.

The Leyland P76 Accountant
For accountants, owning a poor performing website is like owning the infamous Leyland P76 car. In the last few years website technology has come a long way and pouring money into fixing your ‘lemon’ of a website is effectively burning money. If you love the look of your existing website but it is not winning new clients, it's time to cut your losses.

Ready Set Boom Seminar
A lot of accounting firms in this country are flat lining or in decline. Their fee growth has stalled and they have an ageing client base, their referrals have dried up and they are leaking fees through clients retiring, selling their businesses and natural attrition. By contrast, a small percentage of firms are experiencing phenomenal growth. If you’re looking to grow your practice, rejuvenate your ageing client base and re-ignite your referral engines we invite you to join us at the Ready Set BOOM seminar.

5 Reasons Why Accountants Need to be Marketing Online
An ageing client base is an epidemic plaguing many accounting firms in this country. If you are looking to rejuvenate your ageing client base then you need to shift your marketing focus online and quick.

Do Clients Buy Accounting Services Online?
The internet has changed consumer behaviour. The majority of the population are now very comfortable buying products online including DVD's, shoes and electronic goods. The question is - Do business owners buy accounting services online?

In The MARCH 2014 Edition...

You can download a full copy of our March edition of The General Journal by clicking on the the link in the bottom right hand corner of this page or you can browse the articles below.

How to Make 2014 Your Best Year Ever
We all strive to improve our businesses and in this article we examine 5 key areas to focus your attention on. They could pay big dividends!

Video Killed The Radio Star (But Not The Accountant)
With YouTube now the 2nd biggest search engine, accountants can’t afford to not include video in their marketing arsenal.

GST - The Accountants Fractured Fairy Tale
How is it that some accounting firms are growing at phenomenal rates in 2014 and others are flat lining or in decline?

Accountants Top Gear Seminar

Our marquis marketing event for the year is on Monday April 7. If your practice has stalled or worse, in reverse, join us at this morning seminar. You’ll see and hear the marketing strategies, tools, techniques and tactics of the fastest growing firms in Australia. Any firm looking to grow can’t afford to miss this!

7 Reasons Why Buyers Won’t Buy Your Practice
If you’re planning to sell your practice in the next few years, we have identified 7 things that could turn buyers off your practice. Avoid them at all costs!

Small Fish Are Sweet For Accountants
You might be fishing in the wrong pond if you think your ideal client is paying $20k a year in accounting fees.

Client Testimonial
Read about how one of our Accountants Accelerator Group members is achieving phenomenal results!

Wanted – New Breed Of CPA’s
Are you Committed, Pro-active, Ambitious and looking for growth in 2014? If so, consider joining the Accountants Accelerator Group.

Why Pay Dollar For Dollar When You Can Pay 5 Cents In The Dollar?
We’ll show you an alternative way to grow your practice at a fraction of the cost.

In The JUNE 2013 Edition...

You can download a full copy of our June edition of The General Journal by clicking on the picture to the right (for best optimisation please use Internet Explorer, iPad or iPhone) or you can browse the articles below.

Marketing For Accountants 'Gangnam Style'
Looks at how some accountants want to become an overnight success like rock star Psy...

Want to Win More Referrals and Grow Your Fees?
Running client seminars has long been the domain of pro-active accounting firms. In this article we look at how to run a successful client seminar and the ideal topic for your first seminar.

Breaking News for Accountants
Looks at the importance of a client newsletter and exactly what content you need to include to get more website traffic and client referrals.

Gone Fishing for Staff Lately?
In this article we examine staffing and whether engaging a recruitment agency can solve the problem.

Beware of the Finance Package Deal
Provides some timely advice and education about how to deal with clients who ask you about that special car deal with finance offered at 0%.

Practices for Sale
Provides an update on the current state of play for accountants in Victoria looking to buy a practice or parcel of fees.

Outsourcing Disclosure Update
Gives you the latest news regarding the disclosure requirements if you outsource compliance work overseas.

Accountant Gets an Extreme Makeover
Forget the reality television show, we’ll show you how you can turn your ugly duckling practice into a glamorous practice to attract Gen X and Y clients.

Business Start Up Manager
A software tool for accountants to use when consulting with clients starting a business. It is a must have tool if
this is one of your niche areas.

7 Steps to 7 Figure Fees
Identifies the common characteristics of sole practitioners who reach fees of more than $1Million.

Cashflow Manager Update
Some new marketing materials are available to accountants and we provide an update on the progress of the cloud version of Cashflow Manager

Wanted – New Breed of CPA’s
Are you Committed, Pro-active and Ambitious and looking for growth in 2014? If so, consider the Accountants Accelerator Group.

What’s New in The Profession
A look at a new product available to accountants and their clients called Self Wealth.

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