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We have developed a range of professional e-brochures and e-booklets for your practice. They are designed to promote your range of services and include e-brochures for several niche markets (business start ups, SMSF's, trades people and negative gearing). Please note that they are electronic brochures and booklets designed to email to clients or hang off your website so prospects can download them - They are not to be used as website 'content'. They are not in a format suitable for commercial printing and are only available in PDF format.

1. Corporate Firm (e-Brochure)

Your firm brochure provides a comprehensive summary of your range of services and how you assist clients. This 8 page corporate brochure comes customised with your firm logo and contact details and is designed as an electronic brochure that you can email to prospects and strategically place on your website for download.

You could also take it to your printer for publishing in hard copy and their graphic designer could modify the layout for this purpose. The firm brochure contains separate sections for topics such as tax solutions, budgets and cash flows, business plans, financial planning, business start ups, growing your business, asset protection and succession planning.

2. Thinking of Starting a Small Business (e-Brochure)

Designed to attract clients starting a business, this 4 page brochure also comes customised with your firm logo. It details your experience and the processes you follow with business start ups. It is also designed as an electronic brochure that you can email to prospects and strategically place on your website for download. You could also take it to your printer for publishing in hard copy.

3. Negative Gearing & Property (e-Brochure)

With so many clients buying negatively geared properties this has become a real niche market for many firms. This brochure (customised with your logo) is also designed as a download from your website and ties in perfectly with our website offering that features a specific section on negative gearing.

4. Motor Vehicle Tax Guide (e-Booklet)

How many times have you explained to clients the various methods available to claim their car expenses? This e-brochure explains the four methods and also provides some background on what is a 'business' trip for tradesmen who carry their own tools to work sites. A valuable guide that every start up business needs.

5. Thinking of Starting Your Own SMSF? (e-Brochure)

With the growth in self managed superannuation funds over the past few years a number of accounting firms have made SMSFs a niche market. Apart from some quality website content, this e-booklet is designed to help clients understand the process and implications of running their own fund. It also positions you as an expert.

6. Accounting for Trades People (e-Brochure)

Another common niche for accountants is trades people. This e-booklet is again targeting a niche and is designed to be available as a download fom your website to reinforce your skills and knowledge of the various building trades.

7. Industry Benchmarks for the Trades (e-Booklet)

With the ATO very focussed on benchmarks this e-booklet contains details of the various benchmarks they released for some of the major trades including electricians, plumbers, plasterers, carpenter and builders. Again, this serves to postion you as an expert in the trades and reinforce your niche.

8. 11 Things Every Trades Person Needs to Know (e-Booklet)

This e-booklet is designed to hang off your website and comes complete with your logo and details on the front cover. It tells your trades clients 11 things they really need to know about running their business and tax. It reinforces your position as an expert in the trades.  

9. Vehicle & Equipment Finance (e-Brochure)

This e-brochure explains how you can assist clients with vehicle and equipment finance. It outlines the various finance options (lease, chattel mortgage etc.) and also provides a guide as to the different tax and cash flow implications for each finance option.

To order any of the e-brochures or e-booklets simply complete your details below and click on 'Order Product'. We will then contact you regarding your logo to customise the e-brochures and e-booklets. All 9 e-Booklets and e-Brochures are available in a bundle for a total cost of $660.

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