wanted - the new breed of cpa's for 2014

In 2013 we launched the Accountants Accelerator Group that targeted 12 firms looking for vertical growth under our marketing coaching. We made it clear there was no room for passengers and these firms had to be the new breed of CPA’s – Committed, Pro-Active & Ambitious.

The selection process was based on strict criteria and we rejected a number of applicants. Some firms had capacity and staffing issues while others simply wanted a marketing silver bullet. Others weren’t open to investing in their business education and they would have slowed the group down. Our members have nowhere to hide if they don’t implement these breakthrough strategies.

Some of the members got phenomenal results in 2013. Their websites are producing quality leads and they are converting these prospects into clients. Some of the new clients are significant with fees of more than $15k each. Other members have run successful client seminars while others are engaging with their niche markets and attracting their ideal type of client through various strategies including social media. Other members are still in the process of launching their new websites and producing videos while others have rebranded to appeal to their target markets including Gen X and Y business owners. Many of the group are starting to write blogs, embrace digital publishing and mobile marketing.

It’s exciting and the results have come from a combination of hard work, strategic planning, tools and implementation. Most importantly, the members are starting to coach their clients with business growth strategies and are ‘walking the talk’. They are looking to automate processes in their marketing and their practice. They have been introduced to some cutting edge tools and software programs that are helping them somewhat re-engineer their firms from a compliance base to a more profitable and enjoyable consulting base.

Results also come from being accountable. Each member is required to document their 90 day action plan that is critiqued at the end of the quarter. Studies reveal that people who have written goals accompanied by written action commitments AND who submit a weekly progress report to a friend, mentor or coach are 78% more likely to achieve their goals compared to people who were simply asked to think about what they would like to achieve. Without clear goals you get inconsistency of actions, effort and results.

Most of the 2013 members were sole practitioners or firms with less than 15 staff. This is our target market and if you are interested in joining the Accountants Accelerator Group in 2014 we have opened registrations. Simply download the application firm from the foot of http://www.pjcamm.com.au/marketing-for-accountants/the-accountants-accelerator-group/

This is a very practical coaching program and results driven. If you don’t add $50k of revenue for your investment you’re doing something wrong but our real objective is to double, triple or quadruple that figure. Also, these strategies aren’t ‘sun tan’ strategies that fade after a few weeks. They will keep producing new clients for years because it is like a ‘snowball’ effect.

We have two levels of membership – DIY and VIP. The program guarantees DIY members a minimum of $50k of additional revenue for an outlay of just $7,950. The membership fee of $7,950 is payable in instalments, $3,000 upfront then $495 for the 10 months between March 2014 and December 2014. The VIP membership is $18,000 payable upfront or 10 monthly payments of $2,000 between March 2014 and December 2014.

We promote a non-competitive culture where the members share resources and ideas. At the quarterly brainstorm sessions you get to hear the success stories from other accountants who openly share their ideas and methods. The members have an attitude of, what can I contribute rather than what can I get.

The 2013 members achieved incredible results and in 2014 we only want 15 pro-active accountants who aren’t afraid of being challenged and held accountable. If you’re ready for vertical growth and want the structure and support to get the most out of your practice, apply to join the Accountants Accelerator Group today.

Applications close on March 15, 2014.

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