Discussion Group Presentations

Over the years we have presented at numerous Accountants Discussion Groups on a range of practice management issues. Most sessions run for around 60 minutes and if you are looking for a speaker on the following topics simply call us today on (03) 9824 5300 or email us at admin@pjcamm.com.au

Marketing Your Practice

Marketing should be a ongoing process for accountants and you need to recognise the fact that all your business resources play a role, including your staff right down to your reception area, letterhead, business cards, website and practice brochures.  No doubt referrals are the major source of your growth, yet so many accountants struggle to ask for them.  What are you doing to maximise referrals from your existing clients?

We all know specialists make more money than GP's so what niche markets are you targeting in your firm? What are the most common niche markets for accountants and what tools are available to help you focus on these markets?

Discover why you need to be marketing now and the systemised approach that the most successful accounting firms use. Get a practical demonstration of the various tools available to the profession that remove that uncomfortable 'selling' feeling. Find out why your website should be your marketing hub and how firms use their website to target niche markets to attract more of their 'ideal' type of client.

This is by far our most popular session.

Tools of The Trade

You'll get a demonstration of the tools, software programs and techniques leading firms are using to improve their practice efficiency, profitability and value. A number of the tools are designed to streamline the client process and we explore the tools to help you get traction with niche markets including:
  • Business start-ups
  • Trades people
  • Clients buying a negatively  geared property
Not only that, you'll see some intelligent software programs that complete 'what if' calculations at a mouse click and the latest tools for budgets, business plans, business performance analysis and benchmarking.

Profitability Diagnostic

It's a fact, many partners and principals work long hours for inadequate financial returns. Unfortunately GST turned many firms into compliance sweatshops with staff processing 'computerised shoebox' records. To some degree, compliance has almost been commoditised and this is choking profitability.
The 'Practice Profitability Diagnostic' explores 15 ways you can generate additional income in your accounting practice. While we have traditionally tailored this service to each individual firm, we have modified this presentation for an accountant's discussion group. The average revenue increase for sole practitioners who undergo this profitability diagnostic is in excess of $42,000 per annum from opportunities including leasing, lending, property, risk insurances, audit insurance etc.
Of course, offering these 15 additional products and services is just the start. You need to assign responsibility for implementation and set timelines to ensure accountability.  We show you how other firms have created an implementation plan and the tools to use so you never hear a client utter these words again, 'I didn't know you did that'.