Our Corporate Brochure

Here at P J Camm & Associates we are committed to Helping Accountants Grow and Succeed. Our services to the accounting profession are both broad and deep and designed to help you improve your practice efficiency, profitability and business value.

Our marketing consultancy services are designed to help you grow your accounting practice and attract more of your ideal type of client. We develop strategies that are success driven and provide software, systems and tools to ensure your marketing generates a better return and more client referrals. We can help you identify your niche markets and build a brand and website that will appeal to the next generation of business owners. You can read all about our products and services in our Corporate Brochure.

The General Journal Newsletter

Our very popular newsletter, The General Journal is exclusively for public practitioners. It is full of articles on topics such as the practice of the future, marketing, buying or selling a practice plus additional services to help you generate more income in your practice.

You can view archive editions on the website or you can go to the home page to subscribe to future editions of The General Journal.

Marketing Essentials For Accountants

To some extent, GST disguised the need for accountants to market their services but a decade later the landscape has changed and you need to be marketing NOW! The demographics of the profession suggest we will see a flood of practices for sale over the next few years and baby boomer practitioners with an ageing client base could be in for a shock. Who is going to buy a practice where the top 30 clients are business owners aged over 55?

There has never been a more important time to be marketing but where do you start? Our FREE e-booklet, 'The Marketing Essentials for Accountants' is really just the tip of the marketing iceberg but it is compulsory reading!

Product Catalogue
Our goal is to help accountants succeed using our knowledge of the profession and consulting expertise. We then develop purpose built tools designed to help you streamline your processes and deliver consistent and quality advice to your clients. We also focus on helping you market your full range of financial services and open the referral flood gates.

While our consulting services provide you with the 'why and what to do', the tools give you the 'how to do'. You can read all about these tools in 'The Essential Product Catalogue for Tax and Accounting Professionals'.