The Marketing Essentials Guide

Let's be honest, most accountants are reactive when it comes to marketing. They generally respond to client imposed deadlines or requests then make all sorts of excuses why they don't have a quality website or a marketing plan. To some extent, GST disguised the need for accountants to market their services but more than a decade later the landscape has changed and you need to be marketing NOW!

The demographics of the profession suggest we will see a flood of practices for sale over the next few years and baby boomer practitioners with an ageing client base could be in for a shock. Who is going to buy a practice where the top 30 clients are business owners aged over 55? Potentially more than 30% of these practices could disintegrate within 10 years and buyers will gravitate away from them towards the pro-active, innovative and systemised firms.

This is a wake up call for baby boomers, if you don't start appealing to the next generation of business owners and attract some younger clients you'll pay the price a few years down the track. There has never been a more important time to be marketing and while there is no silver bullet, you need to recognise that all your business resources play a role in marketing including your staff, right down to your letterhead, business cards, website design, signage and the reception area. A useful starting point is to download our e-booklet, 'The Marketing Essentials Guide for Accountants' from the foot of this page. It is really just the tip of the marketing iceberg but it introduces some valuable tools to help you get traction with some popular niche markets including business start ups, trades people and clients buying a negatively geared property.

The contents of this guide have been extracted from our publication, 'The Accountant's Marketing Toolkit' that is 150 pages of marketing theory supported by numerous purpose built tools, templates, software programs, letters and checklists on a CD. Combining the strategies with the tools will help you develop your marketing plan and attract record levels of referrals.

Click here to download The Marketing Essentials Guide for Accountants.