Often described as, 'The Accountants to the Accounting Profession', we provide public accountants in Australia with a broad range of services including:

To support these services we also develop and distribute a range of practical and affordable tools specifically designed for the Australian accounting profession. These tools include software programs, websites, client newsletters, e-brochures and seminar materials. They are designed to help you streamline your processes and deliver consistent and quality advice to clients.
Most principals and partners want to grow their practice and while there is no silver bullet, we recognise the importance of referrals and the need to have a marketing process in place. The issue for most firms is how to attract the right type of client and we have developed a number of tools that focus on niche markets including business start ups, the building trades, SMSFs and clients buying an investment property.  
With the skills shortage many firms struggle to attract quality staff but at the same time most firms have clients using accounting software beyond their business needs and level of accounting skill. As a consequence they get 'computerised shoeboxes' that simply create low level bookkeeping jobs, workflow bottlenecks and write offs. This chokes profitability and can devalue a practice. For this reason, Cashflow Manager remains our marquis software program because of its simplicity and the fact it is proven to eliminate the computerised shoeboxes.

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We work with a large network of accounting firms and if you are planning to grow, go or simply maintain the status quo we are committed to Helping Accountants Succeed.

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