Marketing Action Plan

Marketing is an essential activity in any business that wants to ensure its future growth and success. For an accounting firm, marketing is defined as the process of promoting your full range of services to your clients and prospective clients. The mission is to strengthen your client relationships, build your reputation and get lots of referrals. Being a process, your marketing should be planned, ongoing and follow logical steps.

It's no coincidence that the fastest growing firms in this country have a written marketing action plan. Documenting the marketing steps, assigning responsibility for each task and having a timeline for implementation is critical. The accounting profession is littered with firms who fail to implement but having a written marketing plan will let you measure and monitor your progress and make you accountable.

It’s important to understand that there is no marketing ‘silver bullet’ for accountants. The fastest growing accounting firms in Australia will confirm that the key ingredients for marketing success are a combination of strategies, tools and people. Without tools including a quality website that is optimised for the search engines you are not going to achieve massive growth year after year. Without pro-active people committed to implementation of the marketing strategies you won't achieve your growth potential.

Creating a marketing plan for your accounting practice is a process that starts with a two hour fact find consultation including a SWOT analysis. We look at your current branding to make sure it talks to your ideal type of client and where required, we can help you with a new name, slogan and logo using some brilliant online resources. From there we focus on your ideal type of client and your potential niche areas.

One of the most important steps in the process is to identify what clients really want from their accountant then tailor the marketing strategies to those needs. Your website should be your marketing hub which is why we spend considerable time looking at the crucial elements of content followed by search engine optimization. There's no point being the best firm with a great website if your target market can't find you on the internet. Accountants who think websites don't work are 'dinosaurs' and they need to understand that Gen X and Y see Google as their best friend.

Niche markets are also a very important marketing strategy. We can help you identify your potential niche areas and show you a range of purpose built tools to help you get traction with these industries and services. Referrals are the life blood of most accounting firms and we show you how to unlock the referral flood gates using some tools and proven strategies.

Another important step in the marketing process is helping you convert a lead or prospect into a profitable client. Many accountants simply don't know how to answer questions like:

-  What do you do different to other firms? (Note that everyone says personal service!)
-  How much do you charge?
-  What do you do for a living?

Our marketing plan includes scripts to help you answer these questions and convert the lead into a client. Not only that, it explores how to bridge the gap between compliance and consulting so you attract a better quality of client who wants more of your services, more often.

Investing in a written marketing action plan provides you with a blueprint for the future and allows you to monitor your progress and marketing results. The 20-25 page report lists the marketing strategies and tools available to help you focus on your ideal type of client that was identified during the fact find phase. The report provides a table of possible action steps so you simply need to set the priorities and a time line for implementation. The report also provides the costings for any tools recommended in the action plan.  

The cost of this 20-25 page marketing plan for accountants is $3300 and to order the plan simply complete your details below and click on 'Order Product' and we will call you to arrange a meeting.

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