Oaks Club

Despite the fact that the accounting profession in Australia employs 54% females, less than 5% of partners and principals are women. This anomaly has created a series of issues with many senior female practitioners feeling isolated, outnumbered and intimidated.

Oaks Club was created in March 2007 and a group of close to 50 female partners and principals meet several times a year to discuss practice management issues. The network provides a forum for decision makers in their firm to share ideas, systems, templates and technical information in a non-threatening environment. It also provides support, encouragement and assistance by recognising and addressing the different issues female practitioners face compared to their male counterparts.

The group meet in a seminar type environment at a venue near Chadstone in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne. It is relatively informal and the 'group therapy' and 'brainstorming' sessions encourage participation and sharing of ideas and experiences.

Oaks Club is designed to help you improve the efficiency, profitability and value of your practice by:
  • Improving your systems and processes
  • Creating capacity and improving workflow
  • Growing your practice profitability by offering additional services
  • Marketing and growing your practice
The content is all about developing best practice and the format includes:
  • Guest Speakers addressing topical issues such as hiring, firing & retaining staff, paperless office, legal issues, intranet systems, work life balance, IT solutions, marketing and financial incentives for accountants.
  • You receive practical tools and templates designed to improve your practice efficiency and productivity
  • Software and systems designed to create capacity and improve workflow
  • Breakout 'brainstorming' sessions to see how others are working towards best practice
  • Marketing Tools that are driving record levels of client referrals
  • Financial Incentives that are available to accountants that can add thousands of dollars to your bottom line

Oaks Club is part of our mission statement, 'Helping Accountants Succeed' and to obtain more information call us today on (03) 9824 5300