Need A Client Newsletter?

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of regularly communicating with your clients. Newsletters are absolutely essential but the content is critical. Your clients don’t want an off the shelf newsletter full of technical tax content. They want to know how to grow their business, their profits and their wealth. They want ideas on how to manage their cash flow and tips on tax planning. They want survival and growth ideas, they don’t want do a Masters of Taxation by correspondence!

Your newsletter should alert clients to your full range of accounting, tax, financial and advisory services. Your newsletter won't directly lead to an engagement or 'sale' but they often pave the way. They help you keep in touch with clients, referral sources and can even introduce your firm to new prospects.

Newsletters are really Marketing 101 and help you prove your expertise, cross-sell and up-sell your services. The quarterly 'On the Money' newsletter we produce for accounting firms is branded with your firm logo and it passively asks for referrals at the foot of each edition. It is available in a format that allows you to:

1.  Email the newsletter to your client base
2.  Print the newsletter and mail it to your clients
3.  Post the PDF of the newsletter on your firm website

The cost is $440 per annum for the 4 copies and Click HERE for more information and to view a sample edition or email us at:

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