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As accountants, if you’re looking to spend your time helping clients, not finding clients, welcome to P J Camm and Associates. Working with Australian Public Accounting firms isn't a big part of what we do... It's the ONLY thing we do!

Our breakthrough marketing strategies, cutting edge tools and stand out website design will attract more of your ideal type of client and give you a serious competitive edge. If you’re looking to make your practice more profitable, valuable and saleable, we invite you to contact us today.

If your firm is flat lining or in decline, your referrals have dried up and you have an ageing client base – it’s time for action. In the digital and social age your marketing could be the difference between boom and gloom. If your website isn’t driving new business and you’re inactive on social media then your accounting practise will not deliver the results you want.

Marketing 2.0

The landscape has changed and there are new rules of business courtesy of technology like the cloud. Fax machines have been replaced by scanning and emailing while old marketing techniques like letter box drops, yellow pages and local paper advertising, radio, television and sponsorships have lost their marketing mojo. They simply aren’t as effective as the new marketing methods for accountants – online searches, content marketing and social media. Your website needs to be set up as a lead generation machine not an electronic brochure.

We provide proven ‘Done For You’ marketing solutions that deliver results. Members of our Accountants Accelerator Group have their marketing on auto pilot and a number of firms are generating 6 figure returns year on year. You can read some of their testimonials here.

If you’re a committed, proactive and ambitious accounting firm looking for growth and want to stand out in the crowd, contact us today.

Buying or Selling Fees

Our business broking services for accountants are designed to help you sell, buy and merge. If you’re looking to sell or buy fees we have a large network of firms across Australia stemming from over 30 years in the public accounting profession.

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Accountant’s Accelerator Group

A ‘done for you’ marketing program for ambitious, proactive and committed accountants. If you want to grow your firm on auto pilot and attract your ideal type of clients using cutting edge strategies and tools ...

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Client Newsletters

Your client newsletter is a critical part of the marketing jig saw but so many firms buy an off the shelf newsletter full of tax and case law. Your clients want to know how to build their business, their profits and their wealth not do a Masters of Taxation by correspondence.

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