Systemised Seminars For Accountants

Thinking of Running a Client Seminar?

Running seminars has always been the domain of pro-active accounting firms. Incredibly, less than 5% of accountants in Melbourne run client seminars despite the fact they are proven to build rapport, attract referrals and generate more fees. With growth now the number one issue in the accounting profession it’s time to get client seminars back on your marketing agenda.

The next obvious question accountants ask is, "What topic should we run the seminar on?" The starting point is the most common tax effective strategies like negative gearing and self managed superannuation. The topics appeal because they are both tax related and are also designed to help clients grow their wealth. Other potential seminar topics revolve around business start ups and how to grow a business. In fact, we have put together a series of PowerPoint presentations titled:

  • Negative Gearing & Property – The Cold, Hard Facts
  • Self Managed Super Funds – The Facts & Figures
  • Thinking of Starting A Business – The 10 Most Important Steps
  • How to Grow Your Business – The Essential Strategies & Tools

While most accountants aren’t comfortable presenting in front of audiences, our Systemised Seminars team headed by Kevin Bolt provide a great solution. They have been running seminars for accountants for years and provide everything you need to run a successful seminar including the PowerPoint presentation, the presenter, client invitation letters, handouts, feedback sheets and all the computer and data projector equipment.

Kevin is the key presenter at Systemised Seminars and in addition to running his own accounting practice for 15 years, he is also a financial planner. Kevin suggests most firms start with the seminar, ‘Negative Gearing & Property – the Cold Hard Facts’ then usually follow up with the SMSF seminar. Kev says, “The negative gearing and property presentation is the perfect entrée into client seminars for accounting firms because they are very comfortable with the topic, Most importantly, they want their clients to get the real facts not the spin from property spruikers. Because of the fact that property investment is almost a way of life in this country the topic is relevant and it dovetails into the next presentation about self managed superannuation funds.”

These seminars can also be highly profitable for accountants and because they are educational they also tend to be excellent referral drivers. Clients who purchase an investment property also attract a higher tax return fee and down the track they also become candidates for financial planning services because of the equity they build in the property.

To discuss the mechanics of running a client seminar contact Kevin Bolt direct on 0418 395 343.