Negative Gearing Booklets

When clients consult with you regarding the purchase of a negatively geared property what do they leave your office with? Our research suggests, probably a photocopy of your interview notes and maybe a projected profit and loss statement, but not much else. This probably explains why most firms don't charge enough for the consultation and advice.
A survey of more than 300 accounting firms in 2010 suggests the average fee for a negative gearing consultation with a client was less than $150! Incredibly over 30% of accounting firms did not even charge a fee. A significant number of smaller firms deferred invoicing for the consultation and preferred to package it up with fee for the preparation of the tax return fee. This is a real issue as the value of the meeting diminishes over time not to mention the impact on your cash flow. To some extent many accountants feel the value of the meeting is minimal because the client receives nothing tangible. Not any more...

'The Complete Guide to Buying a Negatively Geared Property' is a 44 page booklet you can give to clients that explains how negative gearing works and serves as a reference book because it addresses the key issues including:
  • Alterative Ownership Structures and their Tax Consequences
  • The Importance of Capital Growth
  • The A-Z of What is Tax Deductible
  • The Treatment of Establishment Costs
  • The 13 Steps to Buying a Negatively Geared Property
  • The Risks, Finance Options and Depreciation Write Off
  • The Mechanics of the Capital Gains Tax
  • Record Keeping Requirements
The booklet comes complete with several profit & loss worksheets so you can prepare a range of financial scenarios for a given property. The client leaves your office with a booklet (labelled with a rrp of $49) and you can take a photocopy of the worksheet for your file. Used in conjunction with our software program, Negative Gearing Manager the booklets provide a systemised approach for accountants advising clients about buying an investment property.

Providing clients with this quality publication adds value to the meeting and helps justify your fee for the consultation. It also standardises the process and advice clients receive regarding purchasing a negatively geared investment property. The booklets can also serve as a marketing tool for the practice because when you purchase 10 or more copies you can have your firm logo and contact details printed on the front cover (one off artwork fee may apply). The booklets are available to accountants for $16.50 each but are labelled with a recommended retail price of $49 so clients perceive real value when you ‘gift’ it to them at their meeting.

They also serve as a valuable marketing tool when customised with your firm logo and to order the booklets simply complete your details below and click on 'Order Product'. We will then contact you regarding the booklets and discuss the artwork process if required.

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Negative Gearing Booklets